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The following benefits information overview is available to all full-time employees of FFPO.

The effective date of coverage is the first day of the next month following the hire date.

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Years of Service Biweekly Accrual Rate Annual Vacation Award
At 6 months 40 hours
At 6 months + 1 day3.1 hours80 hours
5th year4.6 hours120 hours
15th year6.2 hours160 hours
20th year7.7 hours200 hours

* Vacation is calculated in 8 hour days

Note: As a new employee, you will not accrue vacation for the first six months of employment. After six months, you will receive 40 hours of vacation award, which is immediately available for use. You will then begin to accrue vacation hours per the vacation award accrual schedule above.

It is FFPO's policy to allow an employee to carry 1 year of vacation credits earned. Approval to use must be given by your immediate supervisor or manager.

Sick Leave

As a new employee you will receive 8 hours of sick leave after one month of employment. Each bi-weekly pay period after that will accrue 3.1 hours of sick leave to total 80 hours annually. Each year following, you will accrue 3.1 hours in each of 25 biweekly pay periods and 2.5 hours in one adjustment period to total 80 hours each year. Sick Leave can be used in the event of an employee's or immediate family member's injury or illness. Approval to use sick leave must be received by your supervisor or manager.

New Year's Day
Dr. Martin Luther King Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
(3) Floating Holidays*

*Floating holidays awarded to new employee as follows:

Hire DateAward
Jan 1 - Apr 3024 hours
May 1 - Aug 3116 hours
Sept 1 - Dec 318 hours

In the second and all subsequent calendar years of employment, the employee will be awarded the full complement of 24 hours of floating holiday leave.

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